I know it is unusual to share vacation photos on a business website but I thought with a few VACATION PHOTOS I would give you a taste of how Naomi and I took the “Rielax” section of our lives seriously.

The following instructions are for people like me who are (or were) not familiar with how Google Photos works:

Once you click on the link, the photos will open in Google Photos. If you click on the first photo, an information panel will open to the right and will give you info about the specific photo you are seeing (where, what, who…). You can then scroll through the rest of the pictures and the info panel will remain.


27Jun 2013

Before opening my Professional Organizing business, RieOrganize! I worked for 11 years in a synagogue school.  At the end of each school year, each child was supposed to bring all of their school supplies home with them.  Guess how many actually did?  Do you want to make a friend of your child’s next year’s teacher?

28Jun 2013

We all have too much paper in our lives. Diane, who is the business manager at RieOrganize! tells the following story: “I have always had a fairly high tolerance for paper clutter before I reach my limit and, even then, it’s often not a conscious decision to sort through everything –