Was decluttering your space one of your New Year’s resolutions? How is that working? If you are anything like me, you have probably broken most of them. Business Manager Diane has recently adopted a new motto: “Do one thing daily.”

She explains: Every day – with no exceptions – do at least one thing to improve/declutter/clean your space. It could be as simple as sorting through a few pieces of paper or receipts, cleaning a small area or moving a single piece of clothing from your closet to a donation box. On some days (usually on weekends), Diane is inspired to do more than just “one thing.”

Can you use Diane’s recommendation to do one thing every day to improve or declutter your space? I find it easier to start a new habit such as doing one thing daily if I have a list of specific, easy things to start me off. It helps me to focus and not feel overwhelmed. Here are 7 easy things that you can do to get you started:

1.     Handbags and totes
I love finding handbags and totes. Each one offers new and different ways to carry all the stuff that I use in my business or has innovative ways of keeping my knitting projects sorted and organized. Somehow, few of them measure up to my expectations and then sit in the closet and take up valuable space. Look through your stash of handbags and totes and donate any that you no longer use or don’t live up to your expectations.

2.     Holey Undergarments
When I was growing up, my mother always told me to make sure I had on clean underwear just in case something bad happened to me and I had to go to the hospital. Go through your underwear drawer and throw away anything that is old or worn or just does not (and never really has) fit well. But most charities do not want used underwear. Be creative! Click here to learn about 15 uses for old underwear!

3.     Clothing That Is Stained or Yellowed Beyond Repair.
Is the tee shirt supposed to be white but it is more yellow than white? You’ve tried bleach. You’ve tried specialty detergents. You’ve tried every trick in the book. Nothing works. If it is faded evenly, try dyeing it. When all else fails, it is time to say goodbye to your favorite tee.

4.     Well-loved Sweaters.
It happens to even the best cashmere: A beloved sweater that gets a ton of use is going to get worn out. You can keep your knits in great shape for years with the proper care, but eventually even the best cared for sweater or knitted garment cries “Uncle!!”  If it is wool, wash it in very hot water and dry it on the highest heat. The knit will shrink (you’ve done this before without meaning to). Now you can cut the sweater in squares or other shapes and use the felted piece as coasters.

5.     Uncomfortable Shoes.
Yes, the high heels you have are gorgeous and they look great on your feet but every time you even think about wearing them, your feet cry out in pain. Put them on and walk around the house for an hour or wear them out to run an errand (yes, you may get some strange looks). If at the end of the hour your feet are sobbing in pain, it is time to give the shoes away.

6.     Jeans That Just Aren’t Quite Right.
Denim jeans take a while to break in. You know which pair I mean… the one that you wear whenever you want to look good and still be comfortable. But you have begun to notice that the knees are beginning to bag and the seat is beginning to sag. Maybe they are just no longer in style or just no longer fit as well as they used to. It is time to say goodbye to wearing those jeans. But wait! They may still have some life in them. Click here learn about 50 Things You Can Do With Old Denim.

7.     Plan
Make a list of 6 things to do next week. Post it somewhere that you will see it (maybe in two places?). Pat yourself on the back. You’ve done it! Be proud of yourself. Now, rielax! You’ve earned it.

Adapted from Real Simple.