Thursday, April 30, 2015

Maple Shade Library (New Jersey)

Before you move in together, learn how to:

Rieduce the items you do not need to hold on to. Knowing what you own will help you to know what you don’t need to purchase.

Rieuse what you can or donate it to a charity so someone else can benefit from it. It may no longer fit you, but your favorite sweater may become someone else’s favorite, too.

Riecycle whatever you can so our landfills cease to overflow.  (Mother Earth will thank you.)

So you can Rielax! Once the unpacking is done, reward yourself and find something you both love to do and then make it a date! Rielax!

Maple Shade Library Meeting Room

200 Stiles Avenue
Maple Shade, NJ

You have the opportunity to win aand the winner is

FREE in-home organizing consultation!

Two lucky winners will be chosen at the end of this event.  The raffle ticket is free but you must be present to win!