Hands-On Organizing

We provide expert guidance, support, encouragement, and creative problem-solving to give you the skills to maintain a clutter-free space.

We can…

  • Rieduce the clutter in your home or office
  • Rieuse and repurpose items that you already own in new and exciting ways
  • Riecycle items no longer wanted or used

Phone Consultation

We offer a free 30-minute phone consultation, which is a friendly conversation where we’ll talk about the projects you’d like to work on. We want to get a good picture of where you are and where you’d like to be so we can create an outline of how to get you there.

In-Home Assessment

Our first meeting is a walk-through of your space. If there are other people living with you who will be affected by the organizing process, it would be helpful to include them in the visit. Together we will clarify your vision and discover what’s working and what’s not working. We’ll look at whatever issues you want help with, such as…

  • maximizing storage space
  • clutter control
  • difficulty using the space because of physical limitations or structural organization
  • removal of items to be donated
  • moving to a new home/office with as little stress as possible
  • how to maintain an organized space

Come as you are – we ask that you not clean ahead of time the way you might for a guest. It’s actually better if we see how things flow naturally. Because we will see your space through different eyes, we may be able to identify some of the items you already own that can be repurposed.

At the end of the assessment visit, you will receive a customized action plan with an estimated schedule, steps to take, and suggested resources for moving forward.

Organizing Sessions

Let’s make it happen! We’ll organize as a team and transform your space so that it works for you. Each session lasts about 2-3 hours, which is enough time to see progress but not too much that you hit “decision overload”.

The number of sessions your project will take depends on the situation, but we can give you a ballpark estimate as we work together. Keep in mind, practice makes progress!

During a session, we’ll sort, purge, assign homes, and share organizing techniques with you so you can stay on top of it after we leave.

Some organizing supplies are provided, others will be recommended on an as-needed basis.

We remove donations at the end of each session and provide you with a tax receipt when possible.

Less than 10% of our clients’ donations end up in the landfill.
We find homes for even the most obscure items, as long as they’re in usable condition. Our network of local charities, artists, and recycling programs means your unwanted items will have another life with someone who may enjoy them.