To support and promote the profitability and well-being of individuals who conduct business in a holistic manner.

I am a member of this amazing group and I invite you to join this professional organization that represents holistic and eco-friendly professionals, practitioners and businesses nationwide.

We stand for values first. We all benefit from our “strength in numbers” and collaborating together. We can get more attention for our shared holistic and eco-friendly message by working with each other.

We represent health and wellness practitioners; heart/soul-centered business coaches and support services; and a variety of professionals doing business in holistic and eco-friendly ways.

Do you consider yourself holistic… in your approach to health, lifestyle and even business?

We believe that everyone starts wherever they are and then moves along the spectrum to more sustainable ways of health, living and doing business.

If you take a balanced approach to making decisions, considering both long-term consequences and short-term results or evaluate the personal impact of your actions as well as the impact on others, please join us.

Together, we can create healthier people on a healthier planet!

Heshie Segal, President

Contact Jill Severance for membership information – 856.751.1345