About Us

In 2009, I did not have cable TV. I did not know about shows called “Hoarders” or “Clean Sweep” or even that there were people called Professional Organizers, or a National Association of Professional Organizers (now called National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) (NAPO).

After I helped someone go through numerous boxes in preparation for moving to a new home, helped facilitate the move and set up of her new home, she said to me, “You mean they pay people to do this?” So, it came as a surprise when, after a bit of research and a visit to the local NAPO chapter, I discovered a profession I love.

Many people hesitate to call a Professional Organizer because they fear they will be judged for their “messy house” assuming that, as someone who does organizing for a living, I must live in an incredibly organized home. Be assured that my home is no more organized than most people’s homes. (You remember that the shoemaker’s children had no shoes? Well the organizer’s house is not always organized.) So, if you are afraid to make the first phone call, don’t be. I know that we all live busy lives and sometimes things get out of control. However, all it takes is a bit of courage and a phone call to start living a RieOrganized! life! So, call or text us today at 215.435.5609 and let us help.

Meet the Team

Rie Brosco
Professional Organizer / Owner

As a Professional Organizer and owner of RieOrganize!, I enjoy working with busy people who would prefer to live their lives rather than spend time searching for things around the house while muttering under their breath, “I know it is here somewhere!”

One of the joys in my work is sorting through basements and attics with clients and finding long-forgotten treasures and cherished items they thought were lost or missing.

In addition to individualized, residential organizing sessions and coaching, I enjoy sharing my organizing insights by facilitating seminars, speaking to community groups and leading in-your-home Organizing Parties.

With training in crisis intervention counseling and experience in hospice/hospital chaplaincy, non-profit administration and employment recruiting, I have learned a great deal about working with people, identifying and solving problems while collaborating with others to establish systems that work.

I am an active member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO-GPC).

My wife/partner of 33 years and I helped to found and are actively involved in Kol Tzedek – West Philadelphia’s growing and vibrant Reconstructionist synagogue. In my spare time, I enjoy knitting, cooking ethnic vegetarian meals for dinner parties (large and small) and playing with our three cats.

Diane J. Weinberg
Business Manager / Assistant Organizer

As the Business Manager for RieOrganize!, I created and maintain our database, manage our financial records and contribute to, edit and publish our monthly e-newsletter. As an Assistant Organizer, my work has included everything from sorting through and categorizing a basement full of collected memories to packing boxes for delivery to charities and running errands for clients.

I am also an administrative professional with experience in various fields and expertise in proofreading and copy editing. In addition to my work at RieOrganize!, I currently work as a part-time Legal Assistant.

For the last 24 years, as a Dance Instructor at my own business, Moving to Music Dance Instruction, I have been teaching ballroom, salsa/Latin, swing, hustle and country-western couples’ dancing to singles and couples in group classes and private lessons, specializing in working with engaged couples who are preparing to dance their first wedding dance and with LGBT students.