RieOrganize! is proud to announce 
a brand-new partnership with fellow NAPO organizer
Lea Gallagher!

LeaLea (whose name rhymes with Rie) moved to Philadelphia this past July all the way from Oklahoma City to be closer to family and to reach more people with their passion for organizing. Lea has been organizing with their business, Untangle, since 2014. Starting in the Washington, DC metro area and relocating to Oklahoma City in 2015, Lea has been helping overwhelmed families and small businesses free themselves from clutter and find homes for their belongings. Specializing in creative solutions and working with people with ADHD, Lea loves to work both hands-on and virtually (more about that in a later post), which makes getting organized even more accessible.

How on Earth did an organizer from Oklahoma get involved with RieOrganize? Two words: COLORING TABLE. coloring table
At NAPO’s annual organizing conference in Atlanta in 2016, Lea and Rie discovered the best introverted networking tactic of all time. At the recharge station where folks can lounge and recharge their devices, there was also a large table with four big sheets of paper with flowers to color in and several cups of markers. It was open to anyone who wanted to sit and color, and it was easy to pop in and out of conversations while concentrating on your flower. Lots of good connections were made, and Rie and Lea kept in touch after the conference and met up again at the next one. Coloring table for the win!

When Lea decided to move to Philly, Rie was excited to have a like-minded organizer around to help out with the growing number of client projects and an amazing business partnership was born.

Oh, and just a note… we do have a coloring table in our office!

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