Particularly in this political climate, we need to stand together and take action in order to work towards tikkun olam (the repair of the world).

Come and prepare to take part in the MLK-Dare March.  Join with the folks of Kol Tzedek Synagogue for its monthly social justice service this Shabbat  (January 13, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.) where there will be an opportunity to prepare ourselves for spiritual and political sustenance, for the week, month, and years of action we are committed to. Reverand Nicolas O’Rourke, community orga will be giving the dvar Torah on the march and POWER’s work, and Rabbi Ari Lev will lead services.  Kol Tzedek is located at Calvary Center for Culture and Community at 48th and Baltimore Avenue Philadelphia, PA.
More info on the march here!!event/2017/1/16/2017-mlk-dare-march

In January of 1817, some 3.000 free African Americans gathered at Mother Bethel Church on 6th and Lombard for the largest gathering of free Blacks at the time. Two hundred years later, we gather again on the same parcel of land with a larger and more diverse coalition, still concerned about the rights of those in our nation who have often been marginalized.

The March for a Better America will begin at the slave quarters on Independence Mall (6th and Market St.) at 11:30 AM and conclude at Mother Bethel AME Church (6th and Lombard St) for an outdoor rally. At the rally we will unveil our 21st Century Declaration of Rights which will call on politicians, community leaders, and common citizens to support the basic human rights we cherish like affordable housing, health care, and quality public education for all.